Why are there three hook settings on a sports bra?

Why are there three hook settings on a sports bra?

The vast majority of support from a sports bra actually comes from around the ribcage. This part of the bra needs to be firm in order for the sports bra to be able to support the weight of our breasts. So, if this is loose the bra has no chance of functioning.

Bras, especially those designed for high-impact activities, are constantly under stress. The jumping, running, and twisting we do during exercise can cause the band to stretch slightly over time. This stretching, while minimal, can significantly impact the fit and support of your bra.

Enter the Hero: The Triple Hooks

Here's where the magic of the triple hooks comes in. They are designed to combat this stretching and ensure your bra maintains a snug, supportive fit throughout its lifespan.

  • Fresh Start: When you buy a sports bra, you want a good fit i.e, a firm fitting around the band on the loosest setting -  that's the one closest to the end.
  • Adapting to Change: As the bra stretches slightly with use and washing, you can move on to the middle setting. This maintains a snug fit while accommodating for the slight change in size.
  • Extending the Life: Finally, when the band stretches further, you have the final set of hooks as a backup. This allows you to continue using your bra comfortably for a longer period, maximising its value. But it might also be time to get a new sports bra, especially if you're not getting the support it use to give you.
TIP: If your sports bra (or everyday bra) doesn't have three hook settings, you can buy one of our bra extenders. These are handy when our boobs and body changes shape during our period or if you're pregnant.

    So the next time you're trying on a sports bra, you want to aim for a good fit on the first hook and of course, supportive coverage on the bust.

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