Why are there three hook settings on a sports bra?

Why are there three hook settings on a sports bra?

The vast majority of support from a sports bra actually comes from around the ribcage. This part of the bra needs to be firm in order for the sports bra to be able to support the weight of our breasts. So, if this is loose the bra has no chance of functioning. Now that you know that, the rest of this article should make a whole lot of sense…

Those three settings are intended to negate the effects of stretch in the garment over time. Sports bras are designed with this feature so that you can maximise your support and the lifespan of the bra. However, please note, that your sports bra is worked harder than your everyday bra so needs replacing more often.

When you buy a sports bra, you want a good fit i.e, a firm fitting around the band on the loosest setting (that's the one closest to the end), then as the bra stretches and ages due to wear and washing, you move it to the middle setting and then again to the tightest setting with further stretch.

If your sports bra (or everyday bra) doesn't have three hook settings, you can buy one of our bra extenders. These are handy when our boobs and body changes shape during our period or if you're pregnant.

bra extenders

So the next time you're trying on a sports bra, you want to aim for a good fit on the first hook and of course, supportive coverage on the bust.

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