ENELL Sizing Chart

The Enell Sports and Enell LITE use actual bust and band measurements to ensure you get a great fit.

Follow the steps below to get your perfect fit or watch the video.

Step 1 Band (ribcage): use a fabric tape measure. While wearing your everyday bra (not padded, sports or minimizer) pull the measuring tape tight directly under your bust around your ribcage, where your breast meets your ribcage and write down the measurements in inches

Step 2 Bust (cup): pull the measuring tape comfortably around the fullest part of your bust and write down the measurements in inches

Step 3: look at the chart below to find a size that fits both measurements

Note: if your measurements fall in-between two sizes, we usually recommend you choose the smaller size.

ENELL Sports Bra Fitting Tips


SNUG IS SECURE: ENELL fits differently than any other bra. It may seem too small at first, but a snug fit ensures superior support and comfort.

GEARING UP: Secure hook and eye closures make it easy to put your ENELL Bra on. It is important to fasten from the bottom and work your way up. As you hook each closure, adjust your breasts for the best possible fit. Once your ENELL is fastened, the breasts should be held firmly in the upper centre portion of the bra.

  • Enell fits differently than any other bra. It may seem too small at first, but a snug fit means Superior Support and Comfort
  • To ensure proper fit: twist your body as though doing a waist exercise: proper fit means the bra should stay in place.
  • The bra should feel snug and should not ride up when you are working out
  • Your high impact size is reflected on the ENELL size chart, if you are seeking more of a low impact fit, please consider the ENELL LITE Bra, or go up one size in the ENELL SPORTS Bra.
  • The ENELL Bra will stretch out a little over time. A good snug fit in the beginning will help ensure Superior Support through out the life of the bra.
  • If your measurements fall in-between two sizes, choose the smaller size.