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      What if I order the wrong size? - we are happy to exchange any items that do not fit for the correct size as long as the item is in its original condition with swing tags attached. See more information on Returns & Exchanges >> 

      Discount codes: I have a discount code - can I use this on products already discounted? Check the promo email as sometimes we go a bit crazy and let you take a further discount off sale items! However if there's no exception then you cannot apply your code against items already discounted.

      I don't know my bra size: Check out this calculator and our tips to find your sports bra size

      Sports Bra Fitting Tips - regardless of your breast size you need a properly fitted sports bra. Studies have found that three quarters of us are wearing the wrong type of bra when working out!!! 

      How do I measure for the ENELL SPORTS Bra? We want your ENELL to fit perfectly, so rather than referring to your current bra size, it’s important to take a few measurements. Please refer to the size chart to see which ENELL size is your perfect fit and watch this Video which demonstrates how to measure for your ENELL 

      How do I measure for Champion, Berlei, Freya or CW-X Sports bras? We found this online calculator by Sophisticated Pair gives the best results 

      How do I measure for the Shefit? Please refer to the Shefit size chart

      I received my Sports Bra, how do I take care of it? In order to enjoy this garment for years to come, we recommend the following instructions:

      • For best results, wash separately in cold water using gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not bleach or use fabric softeners.
      • Hook up your bra completely or place in a mesh bag to avoid the hook and eye closure from catching in the holes of the washer drum.
      • Lay flat or hang dry for best results. Do not machine dry, heat will break down the spandex fibers.
      • Read my blog if you would like more info

      What is the difference between an Enell Sports and Enell Lite Bra?
      The SPORTS Bra is made for high impact activities such as running, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, netball, basketball etc while the LITE Bra is fab for every day low to medium activities like walking, golf, Pilates, yoga etc. Some of my clients use the LITE after breast surgery or when they want a bit of a lift!

      Can the ENELL SPORTS Bra be used for swimming?
      Your ENELL Sports Bra can be worn in water, but please keep in mind that prolonged exposure to chlorine will break down the fibers. Several women have used their ENELL Bras for Triathlons. Eberle Funches for example, who has competed in many triathlons around the world, wears her ENELL Bra throughout her events. I use my Enell LITE under my swimsuit when I'm attempting several laps.