Sports bras for women with more up top

Kia ora, welcome to your local sports bra shop supporting women of all shapes & sizes while specialising in sports bras for women with big boobs...or as we say, for women with more up top!

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  • "I'm astounded at the support and fit of the Royce bra. It's super supportive, stylish for a 16j and comfortable. The low back and strong but soft straps are great for heavier busts. Cannot recommend enough!"

    High impact, wirefree with no padding. Built specifically for F-K cups.
    SHOP: Royce Aerocool Sports Bra

  • "The one area that I did struggle with was in the sports bra department. I look back at some of the flimsy, sports bras I wore and cringe for my poor boobies and the beating they took!"

    Then I discovered the Enell Sports Bra.

    SHOP: Enell High Impact Sports Bra

  • “As soon as I saw the Freya I knew it would be something else! Soft to the touch and equally comfy on with just the right amount of padding. It holds everything in all the right places, while remaining comfy."

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