Why SportsBra

I’ve always loved jogging, and being the well endowed type, have had my fun with sports bras, especially the ole two at a time trick. Then I was gifted with an increase to Alisa trail runninga 32F and wondered how was I going to run without a whole lot of jiggle-fest going on :( After a lot of research I found the Enell Sports Bra and I’ll be the first to admit this will not suit everyone as it straps everything in but when I’m running I don’t want to be taking an eye out!

After a while I started looking around for different style sports bras that actually work for those of us with a little bit more up top and the second brand to join our collection was the Freya Active Crop Top Sports Bra which is a great alternative to the Enell if you are looking for adjustable straps with a racer back. We've now added the Freya Active Crop Top Soft Cup Sports Bra which offers fantastic shape and support without wires as it shapes and supports by encapsulating the breasts rather than compressing.

Stabilyx™ Running Bra offers maximum support for D-DD cups and the XTempo™ Running Bra ranges from B-DD cups while the Champion Shape T-Back caters for A to C cups.

We've also introduced low to medium impact sports bras for activities like yoga, walking & the gym, where you need the bra to move with your body. Check out The Show Off and the All Out Support sports bras by Champion.

The BuBand is new and exclusive to SportsBra. It's an athletic compression band made from soft, breathable fabric and can be worn directly over a sports bra or regular bra.

Looking for a totally adjustable sports bra? Check out the ShefitThe design of the bra is so unique it actually has patented adjustability that allows you to adjust your fit and set the level of support you desire.

We offer free shipping in NZ on most items and you can return or exchange if it doesn’t fit or it's just not for you - but not after you’ve won your race :) For our "sisters" across the ditch free shipping in Australia when you spend over $100 otherwise a flat shipping fee of NZD$12.95.

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