As promised, here is my full review of the new Aerocool bra from Royce, the UK’s first wire free, high impact sports bra in a G-K cup!!!!

Well to start, you can’t even imagine how excited I was when I learnt Royce was bringing out this bra! My entire adult life I have struggled to find a really comfy sports bra that actually kept the girls in! I came close once, but after only a few washes the dreaded wire came through the under arms 🙄(you may have seen that on my story not so long ago...)

That will NEVER be a problem with this bra as it is WIRE FREE!!!!! Now, usually with a wire free sports bra the boobies can look a bit odd, you see it’s the wire that gives you the “good shape” but ooooh no, not with this piece of boulder holding engineering genius.

The clever people over at Royce have actually managed to create a sports bra that not only gives you all the support you could ask for but they have managed to create a design that makes the ladies look incredible too!

So, that’s just my view after trying it on and jumping around in my kitchen, with my kids, husband and dog looking at me like I’m a tad bonkers (I totally am btw)

So, how did it fair after a very 2021 HIIT via Zoom class?

I am extremely happy to tell you all that it’s amazing! The wide band meant that it didn’t slip up under my boobs (again, keeping that amazing shape) the racer back “J” clip kept the support across my back stopping the dreaded boob bounce”, I didn’t feel like I was being squashed (which is what normally happens in a sports bra) and whilst doing squat jumps, walk outs, jumping jacks and high knees it kept my boobs safely in place in lovely soft material! I can’t actually find a downside to this bra, at all!!!

So to recap, no wire, high impact support, gorg material and (IMO) the best boob shape! So many women ask me where they can get a good sports bra for big boobs, well ladies, I can’t tell you where to get a good sports bra, but I can tell you where to get the BEST sports bra, and that's Royce!"



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