The Seamless Sports Bra, Reinvented. The Most Comfortable Bra to Wear All Day November 08 2018

The Most Comfortable Bra to Wear All Day

  1. The Real Support Seamless is a low-impact bra, perfect for yoga classes, and grocery store runs
  2. Shortened shoulder straps provide lift to give you the ultimate seamless support
  3. High performance material adds just the right amount of compression
  4. Soft to the touch fabric will have you LIVING in this bra
  5. Front zipper allows for easy on and easy off. The high performance zipper has a magnetic locking zipper head, and hidden hook-and-eye clips

3 Awesome Sports Bras for Large Breasts October 27 2018

Here are our top 3 sports bras for larger breasts:

  1. Enell SPORT High Impact Sports Bra (sizes 00-8 plus custom sizes, $99.95)
  2. Shefit High Impact Sports Bra (sizes XS-6LUXE, $99.95)
  3. Freya Crop Top Sports Bra Moulded (sizes C-G, $79.95)

Best Sports Bras For Big Boobs That Close In Front September 29 2018

What are the Best Sports Bras For Big Boobs That Close In Front?

1. Shefit ULTIMATE High Impact Sports Bra
Easy zip in and out; no need to be a contortionist anymore

2. Enell SPORT: High Impact Sports Bra
Fastens your girls simply and securely with hook and eye closures

3. Būband - sports bra athletic band
Fasten it with three rows of hooks and eyes for the perfect fit and ultimate comfort

What is the Best High Impact Sports Bra? September 07 2018

The 5 Best High Impact Sports Bras to Buy in 2018

Here are 5 of our most popular high impact sports bras:

1. A Compression Bra For Your High Intensity Workouts - Enell SPORT High Impact Sports Bra (sizes 00-8 plus custom sizes, $99.95)

2. A Racerback Bra That Gives You Support And Lets You Move Freely - Berlei Shift Underwire Sports Bra (sizes 10D-18E, $69.95)

3. Front Zip And Customised Straps For Control and Customised Support - Shefit High Impact Sports Bra (sizes XS-6LUXE, $99.95)

4. A Sports Bra With Underwire - Freya Crop Top Sports Bra Moulded (sizes C-G, $99.95)

5. Fits Over Your Existing Bra To Control Bounce - BuBand Athletic Band (sizes XS-XL, $59.95)

Review: BuBand – More Support for your Sports Bra August 07 2018

What: Būband - an athletic band to prevent breast bounce

Where to Buy: www.sportsbra.co.nz

Would I recommend to my best friend: If she was needing extra support, yes. It works!

Sports Bra Fitting Tips: Sister Sizes July 04 2018

One tip that many of us are not aware of are ‘sister sizes’ or ‘seesaw’ where you can drop down a cup size and go up in the band. For example, I’m a 12F but can also fit into a 14E - handy when styles don’t cater for your boob size!

sister sizes bra sizes

Fully Customise Your Support in the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra June 17 2018

For the runner who has wished for a custom-made sports bra, Shefit founder Sara Marie Moylan has an answer. After years of dealing with ill-fitting bras as a collegiate athlete and professional fitness competitor, Moylan decided to invent her own. The result? A fully-customizable, high-support bra that wowed judges on the hit show Shark Tank back in 2016, and pleases larger-cup-size runners today.

Breastfeeding and Bras: 4 Tips To Find Your Perfect Match June 02 2018

We receive questions almost every day regarding the Ultimate Sports Bra and whether or not "it works" when it comes to breastfeeding. 

The Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra is not only fantastic for working out in, but can be used if you're breastfeeding.

Here are the top four things you should be looking for in a bra while you’re breastfeeding and trying to stay active...

Best Sports Bras for Running May 19 2018

Did you know that different activities require different types of breast support? When running, you want to look for a sports bra that provides an equal distribution of support.

Our best sports bras for running:

Shefit ULTIMATE High Impact Sports Bra
(Band: 28-52" Cups: A-I)

Freya Epic Electric Black Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra
(Band: 30-40" Cups: C-G)

Enell SPORT: High Impact Sports Bra
(Band: 32-60" Cups: C+)

Check out our full range of high impact sports bras

Review - Shefit Ultimate High Impact Sports Bra April 22 2018

Jess Scott tries out the Shefit sports bra at her first Netball game for the season.

A few weeks ago, if you were to tell me I would play a netball game in a bra with NO UNDERWIRE, with boobs as big as mine - I would have nervously laughed at the thought of 1) ouch - the pain! and 2) how am I going to avoid knocking myself out?! natural double D’s don’t exactly sit nicely without support. But then something truly amazing happened, I gave the Shefit sports bra a go, and I played my first ever netball game in a bra with no underwire, with boobs as big as mine.

How to find the right sports bra when you have big boobs April 03 2018

Ladies with big breasts heed these wise words:

  1. Avoid sports bras that you pull on overhead
  2. Find a rigid underband
  3. Avoid too much elastication in the fabric
  4. Do the bounce test
  5. Focus on wide shoulder straps

Why is it important to wear a good sports bra while riding? March 28 2018 1 Comment

Claire Madden our gorgeous ambassador AND winner of many HOY awards AND owner of @BrigideneSporthorses provides her experiences with sports bras and riding.

Why is it important to wear a good sports bra while riding?

After all, all we do is sit there right? Or so people think.

As a show rider it is all about the look, so while you want it to look like you are just sitting there, believe me we aren’t! We are constantly scrutinising our horse, are they forward enough, are they collected enough, do I have enough bend, where is the rouge horse in the ring compared to where I am, then there is the self-assessment, ok eyes up, shoulders back, heels down, don’t drop the outside hand, what the heck is my left leg doing?!?!

Learning You’ve Been Wearing The Wrong Size Bra This Whole Time March 16 2018

Check your size before you invest in your next sports bra. Grab a fabric tape measure and head to our Sports Bra Fitting Tips 

How to care for your Sports Bra February 09 2018

Step 1: Hand wash recommended every 1-3 wears.

Step 2: Keep all straps in place and hooked when washing and drying.

Step 3: If machine wash, use cold water, delicate cycle and a lingerie bag. Do not use fabric softeners. Do not bleach.

Step 4: Lay flat to dry. Do not use a dryer.

How to Pick a Sports Bra for Cycling January 13 2018

The right sports bra can make all the difference to comfort and performance while cycling.

As a F cup road cyclist I need a sports bra that gives me medium support  however, the times I've gone off road, I'll wear one of my high impact sports bras usually reserved for running.

So my first tip is, think about the level of support you need and of course us ladies with more up top might have to grab something with firmer support. 

Are your boobs stopping you from working out? November 08 2017

Nearly one in five women say their breasts stop them from participating in physical activity.

We’ve written a lot on the topic of finding the right type of sports bra that works for you - check out Sports Bra Fitting Tips or just send me an email sportsbra@sportsbra.co.nz and we can help get you into the best sports bra.

Review: Enell Sports Bra October 26 2017

I go for a fairly sedate jog first thing every other morning. I’m out early because that way I don’t give myself time to make excuses and I prefer the cover of darkness. I also need sports bras for hill walking, skiing, really brisk walking and very occasional (and almost certainly ill-advised) trips to trampoline parks. In short, there are times when I want my boobs to be under control.

So I tried the Enell Sports Bra.

A Yoga Bra for Big Busts October 22 2017

And, finally, one pro tip that is indispensable. When you try on a sports bra for yoga, be sure to come into a forward bend first thing. If you fall out doing that simple move, this is not the bra for you.

Serena William's Favourite Sports Bra October 21 2017

What is Serena’s favourite sports bra?

The Berlei Shift has a support factor rating of 4, to reduce breast bounce by up to 60%. 

Designed for a range of high impact activities, it's perfect for playing basketball, netball and, of course, tennis.

When it comes to running gear, what do you consider to be the most important? October 07 2017

Women are prepared to spend big on running shoes and other sports gear, but what about sports bras?

A study conducted by the Portsmouth Research Group in Breast Health showed that, while most women experience breast pain when running (whatever their cup size may be), 44% of them don’t do anything to alleviate their pain… whereas a good sports bra could transform their routine.

So do your breasts a favour and check out our range of high impact sports bras >

Comfortable Sports Bras Without Underwire That Still Keep You Supported & Lifted October 04 2017

I’ve heard many stories from customers how their sports bra tried to severely injure them when the underwire breaks loose jabbing the girls with every bounce!

Although underwire sports bras have come a long way so have the wire-free versions

Check out our range of wire free sports bras from low to high impact.

Guest Review - Shefit High Impact Sports Bra September 20 2017

"As a horse rider I have always struggled to find a sports bra that has enough support but that is also comfortable enough to wear all day as well. 

The Shefit sports bra fits both criteria incredibly well reducing just about all bounce but also with having easily adjustable shoulder and rib straps I can increase the support needed just before I ride then loosen off again once I have ridden."

Facebook bans Berlei ad because there are boobs! September 09 2017

We've just added the Berlei Shift Underwire Sports Bra to our collection and I recently shared their latest video as I love that depicts women and their boobs in different situations.

Funny but oh so can relate however, Facebook have banned the advert because of "the pixelated nudity, overt focus on bouncing breasts and overly zoomed images." 

For real???

REVIEW: Berlei SF4 Extreme High Impact Shift Underwire Sports Bra August 29 2017

The One That Made Me Go “Damn” (in a Good Way)

I’m a woman of only average self-esteem, but I’ve got to say, when I caught a glimpse of myself in the Berlei extreme high-impact sports bra, even I had to say, “Daaaamn.”

Not only did it hold my boobs in place during an intense spin class, but it also made them look amazing (which has literally never happened for me in a sports bra before).