4 Tips to Prevent Shoulder Pain from Sports Bras

4 Tips to Prevent Shoulder Pain from Sports Bras

Are you experiencing shoulder pain from your sports bras? Check out these four tips to prevent discomfort and keep you feeling comfortable during your workouts.

If you've got more up top in the breasts department, exercise can be a challenge. It's the whole reason I started www.sportsbra.co.nz as I was tired of wearing uncomfortable sports bras that left dents in my shoulders.

I've spent a lot of money on sports bras that ended up holding everything together as effectively as a piece of string wrapped around my chest!. What's more: Sports bras always use to leave my neck, shoulders, and back on fire. So if you experience neck or upper back pain from your sports bra, you're not alone.

Shoulder and neck digging isn’t just insanely uncomfortable, it is actually damaging. To name a few it can cause severe headaches, nerve damage over time, and poor posture which can lead to back problems. Many women actually have a permanent indention their shoulders from years of digging.

So what can you do?

 1. Choose the Right Size and Style.

One of the most important factors in preventing shoulder pain from sports bras is choosing the right size and style. Make sure you get measured regularly to ensure you are wearing the correct size. Additionally, consider the style of the bra - racerback styles can distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders for some women, while traditional straps may put more pressure on one area for others. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for you. If you've already got existing injuries, your fitter needs to know about these.

You can complete my online fitting form and I'll help you find the right size & style.

2. Wide Band & Wide Shoulder Straps

Look for a sports bra with a wide band because it will help lift the breasts and provides overall support. Wider shoulder straps better disperse weight and offer greater comfort than narrower ones.

3. Age

If you're pulling on your bra straps to try and pull your boobs up so you feel more supported, your sports bra is either the wrong size or old. Sports bras should not celebrate a birthday! Ill fitting or poorly designed bras may compress muscles and nerves around the upper shoulder and neck.

A lot of women wear a bra that is too big across the band and then tighten their bra straps too much to lift their bust!

4. Encapsulation and Compression

Look for a combination of encapsulation and compression in your sports bra as it will keep your breasts supported and their weight evenly distributed.

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