How a Sports Bra Should Fit - Part II

How a Sports Bra Should Fit - Part II

One of my wonderful customers has been trying on different style sports bras after I discovered the sports bra she had been wearing for years was not a good fit.

When she sent me some photos' I had to break the news that she's wearing the wrong size sports bra. She knew it wasn't the best fit and told me, "I always thought because of my “rolls” and my heavy boobs, that’s the way my bras fit 😢."

Here's the Before shots - this is what a poorly fitting sports bra can look like:

sports bra cups too small

If you haven't read this blog: Does your sports fit properly? Are you sure...then I recommend you start there followed with: How a Sports Bra Should Fit - Part I

Busty (that's the nickname we gave her) has since tried on a few different styles starting with the Goddess sports bra:

goddess sports bra front

goddess sports bra back straps

The next style we put Busty into was the Enell Racerback sports bra in a size 6:

enell racerback back

enell racerback side

The Enell Racerback has a narrow cut back for an extended range of motion and you can fasten it easily and securely with front hook and eye closures. The Racerback is great for medium impact activities vs the next sports bra Busty tried which was the Enell SPORT - she went down a size as she really wanted to contain the bounce when doing high impact exercise:

enell sport high impact back view

enell sport high impact front view

Did she have a favourite? "I like the back of the size 5 SPORT because it holds in all my yumminess and the feel of the Racerback is amazing."

If you would like help with size & style recommendations please complete my Online Fitting Form.

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