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  • Nothing to lose and everything to "constrain!"
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How it Works

  • The Breastband is a streamlined & stylish compression band that works with your sports bra, crop top or pop over your normal bra for extra support.
  • It holds breasts firmly in place, preventing upward bounce & breast damage that can occur when exercising.
  • Read the research behind the Breastband
I Just Want to be Held

The PINKCLOVER Breastband is designed for women who care about the health of their breasts and want additional support & comfort during activity. Even while wearing a sports bra, breasts move. Each little (or large!) vertical movement can damage your delicate breast ligaments, leading to breast pain and sagging; for all breast sizes.

  • The Breastband adds compression across the top of the breasts reducing vertical breast movement and strain.
  • Sports bras offer great support around the breast, which is important, however most will not completely prevent bounce.
  • Teaming the Breastband with your favourite sports bra ensures total all round support allowing you to be active with confidence…lose the bounce and focus on you!
  • Correct size and positioning is key to maximising both the comfort and effectiveness of your PINKCLOVER Breastband. Before ordering please check your size using the PINKCLOVER size chart.

See the PINKCLOVER Breastband in Action
Check out the videos below of real women of different shapes, sizes and ages putting the Breastband to the test on a mini trampoline.

Bounce Control Comparison Size 10DD

 Bounce Control Comparison Size 12G

Bounce Control Comparison Size 12C

Why we love the PINKCLOVER Breastband:

  • It’s not rocket science. To beat bounce, you have to hold breasts down, not lift them up. Enter, PINKCLOVER Breastband. Securing it over your bra and across the top of your boobs, it keeps breasts of all sizes in place while you do your thing
  • It’s flexible, durable, fast-drying and chafe-free
  • Whether you’re an A or a K cup, your boobs aren’t going anywhere
  • Great when travelling as it doesn't take up much space and easy to wash and dry
  • The PINKCLOVER Breastband complements or even replaces your usual support
  • Because the Breastband is made from soft, breathable fabric, it can be worn directly over a sports bra or regular bra
  • Great for post surgical support - read more here
  • Made for performance, every Breastband is custom-sewn from chafe-free technical fabric and durable elastic that will last for years
  • The Breastband isn’t just for sport: Wear it with your go-to t-shirt bra or nursing bra for discreet everyday comfort and support.

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