How a Sports Bra Should Fit - Part I

How a Sports Bra Should Fit - Part I

If you haven't read this blog: Does your sports fit properly? Are you sure...then I recommend you start there. But of course you can jump ahead to the good bits and check out the Before & After shots below. 

So to re-cap, one of my lovely, long time customers, who we nick-named Busty, has been buying the same style bra for several years, always the same size. When she sent me some photos' recently, I had to break the news that she's wearing the wrong size sports bra. She knew it wasn't the best fit and told me, "I always thought because of my “rolls” and my heavy boobs, that’s the way my bras fit 😢."

Here's the Before shots - this is what a poorly fitting sports bra can look like:

poorly fitting sports bra

ouch straps denting shoulders

We did a fitting all by email, (just complete this form and send it to me) but I do need you to measure yourself correctly, so just follow my guide.

She went from a 18E to several different sizes - I know you say - what do you mean "several different sizes?!" I hate to break the news to you, but there is no standardisation of bra sizes between brands and even within brands! 

So it's always best to measure yourself before buying a new bra - even if you've been buying the same brand for years as our body changes as we age.

So first off, here's Busty in the Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra in a size 20G: 

Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra side view

Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra back view

This style is ticking all the boxes:

  • Great boob coverage with no spillover;
  • Straps are sitting comfortably on her shoulders with no indenting;
  • Band is sitting in the correct position.

So what did Busty think of the Goddess sports bra?

"I can’t believe that I have fitted into such a lovely bra. It is comfortable yet supportive (I seem to be using those two words together a lot lately)! Its got nice support, I can wear it to gym as I do weightlifting plus walking - it’s so good!"

This is one of three styles that Busty has tried and liked so don't forget to come back soon and see Part II. And by the way, it hasn't all been smooth sailing with getting the sizing right - we're still working on one style. Just goes to show, different brands work better (or worse) on different body & breast shapes.

Next read: How a Sports Bra Should Fit - Part II

And if you would like help with size & style recommendations please complete my Online Fitting Form.

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