Does your sports fit properly? Are you sure...

Does your sports fit properly? Are you sure...

Does your sports bra really fit or have you just accepted that's the best you're going to get?

One of my lovely, long time customers, let's call her Busty, has been buying the same style bra for several years, always the same size. When Busty sent me some photos' recently, I had to break the news that she's wearing the wrong size sports bra. She knew it wasn't the best fit and told me, "I always thought because of my “rolls” and my heavy boobs, that’s the way my bras fit 😢."

sports bra boob spillage

Busty Girl is busting out! Over the sides and top which is a sure sign your cup size is too small. 

I know Busty isn't alone, so if you're wearing a sports bra that leaves indents on your shoulders because the straps are being pulled too tight, or your boobs are spilling over the sides and top of the cups, then Complete my Fitting Form and I'll help you find a supportive AND comfortable sports bra.

Ouch! The straps are too tight leaving indents on poor Busty's shoulders. If you've watched this video you'll know that your band does most of the support even with your straps off your shoulders.

So, we want this to be a happy ending story for Busty right? We did a fitting all by email, (just complete this form and send it to me) but I do need you to measure yourself correctly, so just follow my guide. Using the measurements she sent me we're trying her in a size 20G in some different styles including a 24E in the Q-Linn, Aerocool Royce and two different Enell styles and sizes.

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I know it's hard not to associate your bra size with your body or clothing size but please don't get caught up on a number. Wearing a correctly fitted bra not only saves our breast tissues, but gives us confidence and support and that my boobilicious babes, is worth its weight in gold!

Fill out my Online Fitting Form and I'll do my best to get you into a sports bra that fits!

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Really liked this bra. Fitted perfectly.

Adele Perkins

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