Some of my favourite Enell Sports Bra reviews

Some of my favourite Enell Sports Bra reviews

I love getting reviews from customers and appreciate the honesty of you all!

"I love this sports bra! I have four of them. It's hard to imagine getting excited about a sports bra, but I'm a big girl with large breasts that loves to work out. Most sports bras just don't hold "my girls" still. It can be painful and distracting for them to be bouncing around. Most "motion control" sports bras work ok as long as I'm not working out very vigorously. This one works no matter what I'm doing...running, jumping on a trampoline, step class or yoga.

It's sort of a cross between a corset and a harness. There are about 15 hook and eyes to hitch up the front. The fit is very snug and it presses your breasts flat against your chest to keep them from moving around. The back is solid and the straps are very wide, so they don't move around or dig into your shoulders. There are large seams that run across the centre of the chest that will show through if you're wearing a tight fitting shirt. It's not sexy. It's functional. And it works really well. I highly recommend it for any active full-figured woman." 

"There is no bra bulge, I am strapped in all around, nothing coming out over the top or underneath my arms. My boobs look very perky in this thing and maybe even a couple cups smaller. They move slightly in the bra but no bounce! Also, the straps don't dig into my shoulders at all, it's like being boobless haha over all I am a very satisfied customer!"

"This bra changed my life. I. Am. FREE. I can RUN! I can JUMP! I don't expect to ever seek out any other sports bra again, because it is perfect. The curved seam perpendicular to the clasps does show under thin shirts -- not super flattering -- and you won't exactly want to wear sexy workout tops that are super low cut in front or back BUT for me, it is worth it. My true bra size is 34G and I am 5'2" and the size one is perfect. Yay!"

"Best running bra EVER!! Don't want to bounce? Really don't want to bounce? Be sure to get the right size and you can be a DD and not bounce. Easy to get on and off also. Did I say this is the best running bra ever?"

"I've been looking for a good sports bra for a long time. I ride horses, and wear a 36DDD bra, so I need really good support when running/riding/doing anything more energetic than walking. I've spent a fortune on sports bras looking for the right one, and I've found a lot of good ones. This one is GREAT. Really. It's fantastic.

The Pros:

  • Once you're in, you're in, and you're not going anywhere
  • The band isn't restrictive - it didn't impact my breathing like some bras do, and it is definitely more comfortable than wearing two (or three) sports bras at once
  • Having a front closure (versus just trying to shimmy your way into a sewn top with no closures) is essential in a sports bra for well-endowed women, and this one doesn't disappoint
  • It has a very high neckline, so the girls don't spill out of the top or sides
  • Super, supreme, amazing bounce control. I don't feel like I'm being pornographic while exercising anymore
  • It MINIMIZES. So for those of you who ride horses and are looking for a bra to help you fit into your show coat better, this is the bra for you. No more gaps between my show coat or show shirt buttons!!!  

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