Best Sports Bra If You Have A Sore Shoulder

Best Sports Bra If You Have A Sore Shoulder

Putting on a sports bra can be challenging at the best of times, but add in a shoulder injury and well, you could end up making your injury worse! So it's best to find a front fastening sports bra.

Enter the Enell range which use hook 'n eye front fastening.

Enell provide three levels of support, starting with the Enell SPORT made for high impact activity:


Next we have the Enell RACERBACK - great if you don't like your sports bra straps showing under singlets or need an extended range of motion - like weight lifting.


For low to moderate impact activity or wear as an everyday bra, the Enell LITE is fantastic. The fabric is a lot softer compared to her sporting cousins and the LITE also uses hook n eye front fastening.


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