Best Sports Bra for a Triathlon

Best Sports Bra for a Triathlon

One of the things I remember most about my first Triathlon, wasn't the hardcore training or trying to borrow a bike (since I didn't own one at the time), it was trying to find a sports bra that I could wear swimming, cycling and running!

It amazed me how difficult it was to find something that could transition without any fuss and provide great support while being comfortable for my G cups!

A high-impact tri bra is an essential piece of equipment. It’s as important as the rest of your gear and it has the potential to either slow you down or greatly enhance your performance.

The changing environment and different activities make this sport unique and puts a greater demand on your clothing. Your tri bra, like the rest of your triathlon clothing, must seamlessly transition from swimming to cycling to running. This means that it has to be fast-drying, moisture wicking, form-fitting and lightweight yet supportive.

So what type of sports bra should you wear in a triathlon?

  1. It’s important that your triathlon bra can go from one discipline to the other without fuss and preferably, one you can wear for all three sports.
  2. Quick drying, sweat wicking and breathable fabric is a must as you don't want to be cycling or running in a wet sports bra!
  3. It goes without saying your tri bra needs to support you while doing high impact activity like the run but also allow for movement while swimming.

How should a sports bra fit?

  • A sports bra should have a firmer feel than your normal bra and the firmness should come from the elasticity of the fabric, not from the bra being tight. Fabric with firm elasticity will allow you to move and breathe while still keeping everything comfortably in place.
  • The bottom band of a sports bra should be horizontally level front to back (if the back rides up, the bra is either too big or the straps are too tight). In bras with separate cups, the centre piece should lie flat on your breastbone.

  • If the bra is dividing your two breasts into four (i.e., there is extra skin coming over the top of the bra or hanging out of the sides), go up a cup size.

 Our top picks for a Triathlon sports bra are:

1. SIMONE UNDERWIRE SPORTS BRA || $99.95 || Band sizes 12 - 20 || Cup sizes D - FF

"Love this bra! Bought it to do a triathlon. I swam with it under my wetsuit then onto the cycle and run and it was fantastic. It did a great job! Comfortable and so much less bounce. I will be getting more for future triathlons." ~ Tersia G.

  • Maximum support for high-impact activities
  • Two-ply fabric cups but not padded
  • Outside underwire frame keeps breast motion to a minimum
  • Moisture wicking fabric helps to keep skin dry
  • Mesh back helps to keep skin cool


2. ENELL SPORT: HIGH IMPACT SPORTS BRA || $109 || Band sizes 27" to 53" band | Cups B to GG

"Superb! Comfy to wear, super secure although not too tight around the ribs - you are able to still breath which is a problem I had in the past!! Keeps you all in place allowing you to complete a full duathlon work out! Thank you Enell!!" ~ Ruth K.

  • Wide non-stretch straps distribute weight to reduce shoulder fatigue.
  • Wire Free Band provides a secure fit that moves with your body.
  • Naturexx® Moisture Management Performance Fabric wicks away moisture to keep you cool during the most intense workouts.
  • Eberle Funches, top triathlete, loves to wear her ENELL Bra throughout her events.



"This exceeded all my expectations. It really made a difference when I ride and will definitely be buying another one!" ~ Sam J.

  • Teaming the Breastband with your favourite sports bra ensures total all round support allowing you to be active with confidence…lose the bounce and focus on you!
  • It’s flexible, durable, fast-drying and chafe-free.
  • Made from soft, breathable fabric.
  • Easy and fast to put on and take off.


4. FREYA HIGH OCTANE SPORTS BRA || $99.95 || Band sizes 8 - 18 

"I love this sports bra and can recommend to all sizes. No mono boob, awesome support and very comfortable. Have been running and gyming with no issues." Yvette C.

  • When it comes to high-performance activities, we know that finding a sports bra to match the support and comfort that's needed is everything. With High-Octane, we've worked hard to tick all the boxes – from its breathable moulded cups, soft elastics and silicone padded wire casing, we're confident we've secured gold.

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