Top 5 Sports Bras for Large Busts: Reviews

Top 5 Sports Bras for Large Busts: Reviews

I get so many customers contacting me, frustrated that they can't find a comfortable and supportive sports bra that doesn't leave indents in their shoulders or wire that breaks free and stabs them in the chest! So instead of me telling you how good our sports bras are, I'll let our customers do the talking.

Top 5 Sports Bras for Large Busts: Reviews

1. Enell SPORT

"Definitely more comfortable than the evil underwire sports bras I've been wearing. The support is really good, no chafing, and easy to wash and wear." Marie H.

"Looks like it will be squashed and uncomfortable, but actually feels supportive and no more problems with chaffing. Highly recommend." Karena F.

"My sports bra of choice! Excellent support for all the sports I do (softball, boxing, triathlon). To top it off, it’s so comfortable as well. No adjusting and trying to get it comfortable because it already is! I wear a size 5 in this Enell SPORT: High Impact Sports Bra. I will be getting more of these." Tersia G.

2. Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra

"The Goddess provides such great support. As a 26FF I was struggling to find a supportive sports bra. I filled out the online fitting form and Alisa recommended I give this style a go and I love it! Will be buying more." Angela

"So comfortable & great support. I'm a 26G and I love the Goddess sports bra - it provides great coverage for my G cups and it's so comfortable to wear I just bought two more!" Justine

"Loving the full coverage & support. Just perfect for my G cups and I love the full coverage. I won't be popping out while doing yoga or weights. Highly recommend." Leigh

3. Royce Aerocool Sports Bra

"Love it! Will definitely buy another one as I now wear these as a daily wear due to a more physical job. A very comfortable supportive wireless bra." Karen H.

"This bra is really comfortable and doesn't overheat you! Thought I would end up with sore indents like previous bras but, nope, this is great. Will definitely be buying another one." Michelle B.

"Wow. Just when I thought your range for us bigger booked wahine couldn't get any better you brought this beautiful bra out! I'm astounded at how good the support and fit is of this bra, it's super supportive, stylish for a 16j and comfortable. The low back and strong but soft straps are great for heavier busts. Cannot recommend enough!" Tamsyn F.

4. Q-Linn Sports Bra

"I was nervous about ordering a sports bra that I hadn't tried on but took the sizing advice & ordered up a size. It is perfect & the best running bra I have ever had! I'll definitely be getting another one soon." Teresa W.

"Can't believe I am running but my breasts don't bounce. So cool." Barb H.

"LOVE this Bra! I am short over the shoulder, but also curvy and find regular sliding straps are too long even if the rest of the bra fits perfect. I ride horses and work outdoors and it was comfortable all day long. 10/10 from me!" Jenn S.

5. Freya High Octane Sports Bra

"Best bra I have ever purchased. I went with the sizing guideline on the website and was a bit unsure I selected the right cup as wasn’t the size I would usually buy…but I trusted it and wow it was perfect!" Lisa H.

"This bra is great. I am bigger busted and it holds everything in place.... no black eyes!" Melanie G.

"Fantastic supportive bra that is really comfortable - even for burpees and thrusters. Great for running and weight sessions too. I thoroughly recommend this bra." Alysha A.

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