Sports Bra Nightmares

Sports Bra Nightmares

Do you have any sports bra nightmares?

Punctured skin. Attempted asphyxiation. Dislocated shoulder. Cut-off circulation. This sounds like a list of injuries after a boxing match, not your standard Tuesday undressing in the ladies’ locker room. These are actual things women have experienced during and after a workout while strapped in to their non-ENELL sports bras, not to mention sheer panic and terror when you realise you’re actually stuck inside. We have all been there!

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There’s Dani Stone who recounts a nearly dislocated shoulder after trying to unhinge herself from a sports bra. “I gave myself a charlie horse in the neck that lasted two weeks,” she said. “Damn sweaty straight jackets is what they are!” Thankfully, the ENELL has a front closure system so there’s no gymnastics required to get out of it!

For Kenlie Tiggeman, it’s a six-of-one, half-dozen-of-another fiasco. “Either my circulation is getting cut off, or they’re not staying in place,” she recounts of her sports bra nightmares. She’s even had to do the multi-bra walk of shame. “I wore two sports bras last week in the hopes of keeping everything in check, but they rode up while I was on the elliptical. I had to cross my arms and walk out of the gym to put everything back in place.”

And she’s hardly the only one who’s had to double up. Or even triple up, in Gray Brand’s case. In high school, she remembers forcing herself into three sports bras while running the two mile “while an audience of my peers chanted ‘Uniboob!’ as I raced by them on the track.” It’s one of her most shudder-worthy memories.

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