Scoop & Swoop when putting on a bra

Scoop & Swoop when putting on a bra

Here’s how to ‘Swoop and Scoop’:

  1. Lean forward from the waist, allowing the breasts to drop into the cups.
  2. Swoop: With the opposite hand gently bring the breast tissue forward from the back towards your cleavage.
  3. Scoop the breast tissue in front of, and on top of the under wire into the cup.

The goal is to make sure all of your breast tissue is completely contained in the cups - in front of the underwire. Or in other words, the underwire should sit behind the breast tissue, resting on your rib-cage.

You might experience some “fluffing” on top of the cups and between the breasts.

Take your two forefingers and separate the breast tissue, smoothing it back into the cups. If you find that you’re still “overflowing”, the cup is too small, and you’ll need a larger cup size (don’t ever be afraid to go up in the cup).

scoop & swoop bra fitting

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