The Q-Linn Cannes sports bra is literally giving my Enell SPORT bra a run for its money! 

When it comes to supporting your breasts, despite the gorgeous lace details and that little bit of bling the Cannes bra means business. 

I'm comparing the Q-Linn Cannes Sports Bra to the Enell SPORT high impact sports bra as up to now, the Enell was my go to for running. However, I'm really liking the light weight feel of the Q-Linn and find it holds the girls in place for all my high impact activities.

Both sports bras are wire free and great for high impact activities, but that's where the similarities stop.

Enell is a full on compression style sports bra, while the Q-Linn Cannes sports bra is both encapsulation and compression.

The Q-Linn has adjustable extra-wide padded straps that don't slide down while Enell's wide straps are nice and wide but do not adjust. Enell also has a hook n eye front fastening while the Cannes sports bra has a traditional back hook n eye.

FITTING NOTES: I did find this style to run small, I opted to go up in band size and it was a perfect fit i.e 14E to a 16E

Q-Linn size ranges from 10B to 22H - if your size is not listed please get in touch and I will order it in for you. 

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