Product Review - PINKCLOVER Breastband | Athletic Support Brand

Product Review - PINKCLOVER Breastband | Athletic Support Brand

I'm always on the look out for sports bras that provide support and comfort which isn't easily done! The PINKCLOVER Breastband is a recent edition to our sports bra range which has been tested by our customers who love the extra support it provides.

So what is the PINKCLOVER Breastband?

The Breastband is a compression band that works with your sports bra & holds breasts firmly in place, preventing upward bounce & breast damage that can occur when exercising.

The Breastband adds compression across the top of the breasts reducing vertical breast movement and strain. Research shows that reducing strain across the mid to upper part of the breast is critical in reducing pain and damage to the internal structures of the breast. The exact area the Breastband supports! Worn with a sports bra it provides a complete support solution for your breasts. 

Other benefits of the PINKCLOVER Breastband:

  • Fits NZ sizes 8-28 and cups A-K
  • Helps prevent breast ligament damage, pain and sagging
  • Post Surgery Support: provides soothing compression and support during your recovery and beyond. By gently compressing the upper breast area, the Breastband can help reduce swelling and aid the healing process, optimising the results of your surgery
  • Allows you to be active with confidence by losing the bounce
  • Designed for women of all shapes and sizes
  • Made from soft, breathable fabric for ultimate comfort

Does it really work?

I love wearing this for high impact activities like running. It took me a while to get use to it however after adjusting (it comes in 4 sizes, each with 3 hook and eye closures like a bra so easy to find your correct fit) the position of the band I found it very comfortable.

Check out what customers have to say about the PINKCLOVER Breastband

I was self conscious about my bigger bust since having my bub, but I was so keen to get back to exercise. A friend showed me this breastband so I gave it a try. I had it to loose to start with and it moved around. But after a couple of adjustments, it was amazing. Great support and you soon forget you have it on.

Jody. W
I can’t believe I only just found out these existed, I’ve always had to wear two bras to play netball, the bonus of this band is that I don’t have two lots of pressure around my ribs from two bras, so much more comfortable. And since I am still breastfeeding it means I can wait until the last minute to pull it up. It does make your boobs look a bit funny but it’s totally worth it for me

Good breast band. I ride horses and this definitely keeps the bounce out. I ordered a large and I wear 36-38 bra. I use it with a regular bra or sports bra. It is also very comfortable. Worth buying.

Katie T
I love the Pink Clover band. I wear a size 14FF/12G bra and found the band provides an extra level of support on top of the high-quality running sports bra that I wear. The band pushes down rather than up which reduces the amount of upwards movement. It definitely makes a difference. I just ran a half marathon in it and found it was noticeably less bounce throughout the run. You can also easily slip it off inconspicuously at the end of your run.

Beat the Bounce! Add extra support to any bra to prevent breast bounce, pain and sagging. Designed to support women of all shapes and sizes. Experience a new level of comfort and confidence with the Pinkclover Breastband.

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