Looking for Post Surgical Support?

Looking for Post Surgical Support?

The Breastband provides soothing compression and support during your recovery and beyond. By gently compressing the upper breast area, the Breastband can help reduce swelling and aid the healing process, optimising the results of your surgery. The added bonus is that the streamlined & stylish design allows you to continue using the Breastband as you progress back into an active routine. 

The Pinkclover Breastband is made from soft, strong and breathable fabric, preventing skin irritation and maximising your comfort. The additional support helps to prevent any painful bouncing around during your recovery from breast surgery. If you have breast implants, the extra compression can help to stabilize your implants and maintain symmetry. The Breastband is available in four sizes and has a hook and eye closure allowing easy adjustment for your individual fit and compression level.


Following breast surgery it can be easier to position the closure to the front. Once you have greater mobility and are returning to exercise the closure can be twisted to the back. The Breastband can be worn with any bra, and is available in neutral black and white to work with your clothing.

Pinkclover Active recommends that you discuss your recovery in detail with your plastic surgeon.

Many women stop using their compression band once they have fully recovered. But what is protecting your investment and the work that has been done? A major advantage of the Pinkclover Breastband is that you can continue to benefit from the additional support in your everyday life. The streamlined and stylish design adds extra support to any bra to prevent breast bounce, pain and sagging. Loved by women from A cups to L cups! Team with your favourite sports bra and exercise comfortably.

"I wish I knew about this Breastband after my first augmentation, it could have saved me a second boob job. I had a ruptured breast implant caused by torn ligaments & breakdown of the supporting tissue. I hadn't been supporting my breasts enough during my active lifestyle. This band works for all women - big boobs, small boobs - all the types!"

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