Need a Sports Bra While Breast Feeding?

Need a Sports Bra While Breast Feeding?

"I love it! Thank you so much for your help answering my questions. It is the first bra since breastfeeding that can actually do the job alone without a crop over. No nipple irritation, like with some other bras which have inner seams across the cup. I love the thick firm band under the bust for anchoring everything. Straps are so adaptable and look forward to trying the racerback at some stage. Great for running and jumping on trampolines! Most recently I was 18DD but losing weight, I thought 16D would fit and it's perfect." Katherine

Are you getting back into exercise after breast feeding? Then the BerleiTech high impact sports bra is worth taking a look at.

Some of its key features include:

  • Contour cups provide breathability and reduce chafing.
  • Racer-back design allows for multiple shoulder strap positions.
  • Terry-lined fabric with moisture wicking helps draw sweat away from the body for additional comfort.
  • Swivel front clasps move and flex with the body.
  • Storage pocket for key or small objects inside left cup.


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