Mother's Day Gift for the Active Mum

Mother's Day Gift for the Active Mum

Mom’s deal with A LOT of crap and I mean that literally and metaphorically! Repay the athletic women in your life and gift her a present that suits her healthy lifestyle and one that she'll actually use.

So instead of gifting her another candle, grab that active, can’t keep her inside to clean nothin’, outdoor loving mom a sports bra!

Might sound weird but I know lot's of Mom's who won't/don't/can't spend the money on themselves, especially a good quality sports bra like Enell priced around the $100 range!

When you gift a sports bra to a mom who likes to work out (or just starting to get into it), you show her you support her healthy lifestyle.

So whether she prefers to spend her time hiking in the great outdoors, training for her first run, balancing in a tree pose or hitting the gym, we’ve got the perfect range of sports bras.

Happy Mom's Day xox

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