Looking for a High Impact Sports Bra for Horse Riding?

Looking for a High Impact Sports Bra for Horse Riding?

I just returned from my home in Cabo San Lucas where I horseback ride practically every day. It’s not easy doing high impact sports as a larger breasted woman. I am a G cup and luckily, in the past several years, I have had options. But I remember when this wasn’t reality and I struggled to participate in certain activities. That’s why I can relate to the problem for K cup girls.

Fortunately, Royce Lingerie, the British owned family business dedicated 100% to wirefree bras, just filled this niche with the launch of their new high impact Aerocool Sports Bra available 32-40, G-K.

Besides the state-of-the-art Royce wireless construction elements, the machine washable, quick drying ultra-light, moisture wicking fabric is an enormous plus.

Sweat is a big enemy to large breasted women, so the fact that this material moves the sweat away from the skin leaving the body cooler is a welcomed attribute.

Personally, when I am cantering on the back of a 1000-pound animal in the desert, comfort is non-negotiable. I need to be completely focused on my horse, not my body.

source: lingeriebriefs.com



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