ENELL Sports Bras Changed My Life

ENELL Sports Bras Changed My Life

There are few companies that I can say have actually changed my life. ENELL is one of them.

Over the weekend, I shared something on Instagram about ENELL, and I wanted to share it here as well based on the responses. I’ve not talked about them here recently, which is crazy because I work with them everyday!

Here’s what I wrote on Instagram Saturday night:

If you’re in Montana, you may have peeped me on @underthebigskymtn very briefly during the story of @enellsportsbras. Here’s a little background…

The filming took place last year, partially while I was in Havre, MT for an annual ENELL meeting and photoshoot. They were the first client of my company, Authentically Social, over 7 years ago. I found them via @oprah, when she declared they were the best sports bra multiple times over. To be honest, I bought one because as a size 52G at the time. I had no other options. They have been practicing this #sizeinclusive business since the beginning, when a volleyball player/hairdresser from Montana decided she needed a sports bra that would perform as a piece of athletic equipment should.

I reached out to them as a baby blogger and this small company from Montana who literally made it possible for me to work out without breast discomfort helped me get to my first #Fitbloggin conference and I’ve worked with them ever since.

This isn’t an ad and they don’t know I’m writing this. But on the daily, when I look for inspiration of companies that serve their customers, employees, and community with compassion – and still maintain success – I have to look no further than ENELL.

Yes, I work with them everyday. But I’m also a crazy fan of this company who made it possible for me to exercise at a time when my life needed a change. If you ever have questions about the company, sizing, etc let me know and I am more than happy to help.

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