Customer Reviews: BerleiTech Sports Bra

Customer Reviews: BerleiTech Sports Bra

If you like a crop top style in a sports bra, then the BerleiTech is worth taking a look at. 

This is a high impact sports bra great for activities such as running, kick boxing, triathlons and HIIT.

A key design on this sports bra is the swivel front clasps so strap adjustment is easy, peasy plus, it makes a great maternity option. There's even a storage pocket for a key inside the left cup.

"Comfort comfort comfort. Wide band has great support and doesn't dig in. Absolutely love this bra."
"I love it! Thank you so much for your help answering my questions. It is the first bra since breastfeeding that can actually do the job alone without a crop over. No nipple irritation, like with some other bras which have inner seams across the cup. I love the thick firm band under the bust for anchoring everything. Straps are so adaptable and look forward to trying the racerback at some stage. Great for running and jumping on trampolines! Most recently I was 18DD but losing weight, I thought 16D would fit and it's perfect."
"Love this bra! Bought it to do a triathlon. I swam with it under my wetsuit then onto the cycle and run and it was fantastic. It did a great job! Comfortable and so much less bounce. I will be getting more for future triathlons."
"Really happy with this bra it’s very supportive, hardly any bounce. I have a large bust so needed one that said what it did. Probably the best sports bra I’ve purchased and I’ve purchased a number in my life!"

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