Our Best Racerback Sports Bras

Our Best Racerback Sports Bras

Are you sick of your bra straps slipping off your shoulders? Then a racerback sports bra might be the style for you.

A racerback bra has a few key design features that make it a great choice for many women, especially women with large breasts. Full figured women, plus size women, women who wear hard-to-fit bra sizes, or women with smaller bands and large breasts may find the comfort and support they need in a racerback bra.

What are the benefits of a racerback bra?

1. Comfort
We could all do without the nuisance of our bra straps falling off our shoulders. Some women (especially those with narrow or sloped shoulders) struggle with this issue more than others, but luckily, racerback bras can provide a phenomenal solution. That’s because the straps in their design angle inward, meeting in the middle of the back. Because the straps set closer inward near the neck, they aren’t at risk of slipping off your shoulders.

Additionally, racerback bras help hide your bra straps, especially when wearing workout tanks or singlets. Most regular bra straps have the potential to slip off your shoulders with movement if they are not adjusted perfectly. Due to the “X” shaped straps, it is practically impossible for racerback bra straps to slip off your shoulders.

Racerback bras are also very comfortable. With their unique formation, the straps help disperse weight across the entire back, which can relieve pressure that large breasts may put on the upper back, shoulders and neck.

2. Support
Full-busted ladies, listen up: Racerback bras provide incredible support. Again, since the straps are angled in toward the center of your back, they offer some additional lift. As such, smaller-busted women who are seeking to achieve a little cleavage will also appreciate racerback bras. For maximum support, look for racerback bras with a wider band.

Racerback bras offer support to women of all sizes but they are particularly helpful for women with large breasts. That’s because the straps are designed to meet and cross in the middle of your back, adding an extra angle of lift to your bra.

3. Versatility
The possibilities are endless when it comes to racerback bras.

The racerback style is particularly popular on sports bras, and with good reason: you can work out without stressing about your straps falling off, and you can rest assured you’re getting ample support, which is crucial when you’re engaging in high-intensity exercise. 

Also, many convertible bras can be worn as a racerback style. So if you’re looking to get the most wear out of your racerback bra, go for one that has multi-way straps you can reposition depending on what you’re wearing.


4. Reduced pain
Particularly for women with large/heavy breasts, one of the top complaints regarding bras involves pain in the upper back, shoulders, or neck. While of course, wearing a well-fitting bra can help prevent this issue, a racerback bra can provide some relief as well. As previously mentioned, the straps on a racerback bra distribute the weight so that it’s more evenly spread, taking some of the strain off your shoulders and neck. Seek out racerback bras with wide straps, which are less likely to put pressure on your shoulders and can help distribute the weight of your boobs better as well.

Did we mention that racerback bras may actually improve your posture as well? If you’ve found that your shoulders tend to slump forward due to the weight of your breasts pulling them down, consider that racerback straps actually counteract this by pulling your shoulders backward. It’s worth noting that poor posture is directly related to back pain, too, so not only will you stand up a little straighter, but you’ll also potentially ward off some pesky aches down the line.


One last tip: As with any bra style, the only way to really take advantage of all the perks of the racerback design is to ensure that the bra fits flawlessly. So if you haven’t done so recently, be sure to check your measurements before investing in a new sports bra.

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