Beat the bounce! The Breastband helps prevent sore and sagging breasts

Beat the bounce! The Breastband helps prevent sore and sagging breasts

For Mum's to be, who need a bit more support in the boobs, checked out this review by


This excellent and supportive product is a godsend for women with large breasts or postpartum mums, comfortably holding boobs in place, easing soreness and preventing stretching.

Boobs gone rogue?

Trying to be pals with your ever-growing and/or ever-bouncing boobs? Help is at hand! No more will you be frenemies with your chest, dear reader, because the genius folk at Pink Clover Active have saved the day.

They’ve created the Breastband — an excellent product created to fight wear and tear on “the ladies” (and they’ve made it look cute too).

The Breastband’s streamlined and stylish compression band is engineered to fit snugly-yet-comfortably across the top of a woman’s chest. It holds breasts firmly in place, reducing the upward bounce that can occur when exercising. You can wear it while exercising, or just for a bit of extra support when you’re doing everyday activities.

Think of it as a gentle hug. For your very busy boobs. 

Ban bounce and pain

“Breasts are made of fat and ligaments, not muscle, so no amount of exercise will strengthen the breasts,” the Breastband makers say.

“Leading an active lifestyle without giving your breasts adequate support can not only cause pain but can also speed up irreversible breast sag.”

Gulp. But it’s okay. It’s never too late to reduce further wear and tear on your hardworking body and provide some much-needed support.

A Breastband for everyone

The Breastband can be worn over activewear or more discreetly concealed underneath, like a secret sag-fighting weapon! 

This genius supportive garment minimises breast bounce, pain and stretching, while maximising confidence. It’s made from soft breathable fabric and comes in four sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all body shapes and sizes. They’ve thought of everything, it’s clear to see.

“The Breastband adds compression across the top of the breasts reducing vertical breast movement and strain,” its makers explain. “Teaming the Breastband with your favourite sports bra ensures total all ’round support allowing you to be active with confidence.”

Support your boobs!

Tamika Newman, a lactation consultant and midwife, says breast support is vital for new mums, as breast tissue and ligaments can shift and change dramatically during pregnancy and postpartum.

“It’s important to support the breast tissue during this time to avoid excess strain, which could result in mastitis and blocked milk ducts,” Tamika explains.

“New mothers shouldn’t rush back into exercise and listen to their body. That said, gentle exercises like walking can do wonders for a new mum and the Breastband is able to give them added security and support the breast tissue.”


The Breastband costs $49.95 and comes in black or white in sizes Small through to Extra-Large.

Nothing to lose and everything to "constrain!"

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