Why SportsBra

I’ve always loved jogging, and being the well endowed type, had my fun with sports bras, especially the ole two at a time trick. Like many of you, I had a drawer full of sports bras that didn't work. My boobs still bounced, wire poked into me, straps cut into my shoulders and it was painful when exercising!

After trying a LOT of bras I found the ENELL SPORTS BRA range. If you’re a B, C, D, DD, E, F, G cup or above, you need to check them out. ENELL offer the ENELL SPORT for high impact activities and the ENELL LITE for low impact and everyday wear. The ENELL range is perfect for women with large breasts.

So www.sportsbra.co.nz was born! My aim is to support women of all shapes and sizes while specialising in sports bras for women with more up top.

You'll notice we often use customers in our marketing because we celebrate everyday bodies.

View more of our range below.

  • The¬†PINKCLOVER Breastband¬†is a¬†streamlined & stylish compression band that works with your sports bra & holds breasts firmly in place, preventing upward bounce.¬†We're the exclusive distributor in New Zealand.

So if you're looking for Low Impact Sports Bras or High Impact Sports Bras we've got you covered!

We offer hassle free returns if you're unsure about buying from an online only store or get in contact if you would like to have a chat about what sports bra works best for you.