When it comes to running gear, what do you consider to be the most important? October 07 2017

Women are prepared to spend big on running shoes and other sports gear, but what about sports bras? An Ipsos survey found that these are only fourth in priority for women.

For 80% of women, it’s all about the shoes, Then come tights, crops and shorts (64%), shirts and tank tops (56%)… And finally, 4th in line, a good sports bra (51%).

And yet, running can be just as tough on your breasts as on your feet – breast movement increases up to 15 cm while running.

A study conducted by the Portsmouth Research Group in Breast Health showed that, while most women experience breast pain when running (whatever their cup size may be), 44% of them don’t do anything to alleviate their pain… whereas a good sports bra could transform their routine.

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