What is the Best Sports Bra to Lift and Separate?

What is the Best Sports Bra to Lift and Separate?

What is Uniboob?

The term “uniboob” refers to the situation in which breasts are pushed together so tightly they appear as one. Not only is this typically undesirable from an appearance standpoint, but it can also be wildly uncomfortable, causing side effects such as excess sweating and chafing that can irritate skin and cause rashes or in extreme cases, yeast infections.

If this is a frequent occurrence for you, you’re not alone. Many women put up with the uncomfortable and chafe-inducing uniboob phenomenon, especially those of us with bigger busts. 

No one wants to deal with a sports bra that uncomfortably squishes the bust into a uniboob.

So, what can you do to prevent it?

The following styles provide both compression and encapsulation of the bust. Compression hugs the bust against the body, while encapsulation provides the much-needed separation of the breasts for individual support — which is what prevents uniboob.

Freya High Octane Sports Bra: with moulded seam-free cups and built-up padded straps for comfort and support.

"The Freya High Octane fits well and holds really well. It does not droop down but holds up comfortably."

"This bra is great. I am bigger busted and it holds everything in place.... no black eyes!"



Q-Linn CANNES Sports Bra: whether you love running or horse riding, with this maximum support bra designed specifically to protect generous breasts during high-intensity workouts you will feel amazing.

"Can't believe I am running but my breasts don't bounce. So cool."

"LOVE this Bra! I am short over the shoulder, but also curvy and find regular sliding straps are too long even if the rest of the bra fits perfect. I ride horses and work outdoors and it was comfortable all day long. 10/10 from me!"


 BerleiTech Ultimate Performance Bra Support: contour cups provide breathability and reduce chafing while the terry-lined fabric with moisture wicking helps draw sweat away from the body for additional comfort.

"Really happy with this bra it’s very supportive, hardly any bounce. I have a large bust so needed one that said what it did. Probably the best sports bra I’ve purchased and I’ve purchased a number in my life!"

"I really like this bra. Very supportive but still comfortable."


Royce Aerocool Sports Bra:
the internal side sling holds boobs in place to minimise bounce and movement and the optional racerback can add additional support. Has a higher front to prevent boob spillage.

"I'm officially in love...with this sports bra! I'm a 14G but as advised, went up one cup size to a 14GG and it fits perfectly. I do high impact activities like running and HIIT and this supports my boobs while being comfortable."

"I really like this sports bra. It’s comfortable and very supportive. I play rugby and the girls stay where they’re supposed to without being overly restrictive. It’s a yes from me."


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