What is the best sports bra for everyday wear?

What is the best sports bra for everyday wear?

I'm often asked what's the best bra to wear all day when you've got larger breasts. And with more of us are either working from home or just prefer the support a good sports bra provides, I've put together a list of our best selling bras that you can wear all day or around the house when you don't feel like wearing a bra but want a little support.  

What is the best sports bra for everyday wear?

1. Enell LITE: as a G cup, this is my go to everyday bra. It's wirefree; fastens up at the front using hook n eyes; made from a breathable but soft fabric and has wider straps for all day comfort.

"Bought this a few weeks ago and what a perfect fit, feels great, size 5, those pesky straps haven't dug in and I managed to fit everything in easily, even with the front hooks and eyes." Wendy C.


2. Enell RACER: this bra provides more support than the Enell LITE, and being a racerback style, you can easily wear it with your favourite work out singlets. Personally, I stick with the Enell SPORT when doing anything that involves a LOT of movement but many of my customers can wear this all day and then go do a Zumba class or horse riding!

"Fantastic support and comfort while doing Zumba." Carol W.

"I'm really enjoying wearing this bra, it's super comfortable & gives me the compression support I need when horse riding." Megan H.

3. Berlei Body Bra: not a sports bra but a great all day bra that's wirefree with seam free cups that are also moulded giving boobs a great shape!

"I have never worn such a comfortable and supportive bra. First time in my life I haven't got home from work and been desperate to take my bra off. This is so amazing. My drawer will be stocked with them. I have told everyone I know how amazing they are." Amanda M.

4. Playtex Comfort: again, not a sports bra and I wouldn't dare trying to jump in it for fear of taking an eye out! But a fabulous bra when working from home and I just want to go "bra free" without actually going bra free!

"Super comfortable with nice thin padding so you don't feel as if you've grown another cup size overnight. I've worn it all day and have not had the inclination to take it off. There is bounce so I wouldn't recommend it as an active-sports bra. Great for gentle activity, wearing to work or lounging at home. I have narrow shoulders, nevertheless the non-adjustable straps don't slip down. The colours are true and the sizing is correct. For a casual bra, it is quite attractive and the satin detailing and edges give it much finesse. Love it!" Ro H.


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