What is a Moulded cup sports bra?

What is a Moulded cup sports bra?

A moulded cup offers everything from a natural rounded breast shape, to a smooth even finish under clothing.

A moulded bra is a bra where the cup is made out of a single piece of fabric and has no seams through the middle of the cup. (As opposed to a bra with the cups made of different pieces of fabric sewn together to form the cup shape). Moulded bras may or may not also have foam padding in the cups.

We're currently stocking the Freya High Octane sports bra which has moulded seam-free cups, so if seams bother or irratate you, this is the perfect sports bra. 

The fabric is still very breathable as the cups are perforated for breathability.

Customers love this sports bra because:

"The Freya fits well and holds really well. It does not droop down but holds up comfortably."

"Fantastic supportive bra that is really comfortable - even for burpees and thrusters. Great for running and weight sessions too. I thoroughly recommend this bra."

"Most comfy bra I’ve ever worn and the padding keeps my girls warm and secure on my early morning winter runs. Fits perfectly (14D). No rubbing or chafing just comfortable."


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