Tips to choosing a front close wireless bra

Tips to choosing a front close wireless bra

If shape is important to you make sure you choose a style that has structure in the cup, this is generally by way of either a moulded/foam cup or from seams.

These features help to create lift and shape.

Fit is paramount, as with any bra really. But this is especially the case because wire free bras are less structured and a poor fit in a wire free bra will more obvious and distort the shape and position of the bust.

Materials that are firm in the cups will help add stability and shape. As opposed to overly elastic materials which won’t create a structured cup for your breast.

Benefits of a front closure wire free bra

Going wire free or “wireless” is a choice generally made around comfort. If an underwire bra isn’t fitted well (or sometimes even if it is) it will most certainly be uncomfortable with underwires positioned in places they shouldn’t be. For this reason we see so many women “give up” on underwire to avoid the unnecessary discomfort in their daily living.

So generally speaking the biggest benefit of a a wireless front closure bra is both the comfort and the ease of use. But do remember that wireless bras must be fitted well so they can offer their best support which will ultimately avoid bust, neck and shoulder pain too.

💡 Wireless front closure bras can also be great as sleep bras

Do wireless bras make your breasts sag?

The short answer here is no, a wireless bra will not make your breasts sag.

The long answer is that underwire is actually in a bra for shape, not support. It is not their to lift your breast, or stop your breast from bouncing, but rather to create a “natural” round shape. As you’ll know from experience as soon as you take an underwire bra off your breasts revert to their actual shape and position.

The real cause of our breasts sagging is due to the weak natural support structures in the breast, that being the coopers ligaments and the overlying skin, that once damaged cannot be repaired. So as we age our skin loses its elasticity and this will result in our breasts changing position or “sagging”. There are lots of other factors that cause our breasts to sag, not just ageing, which include smoking, drinking, sun exposure, genetics, hormonal changes, weight gain, pregnancy, lactation and weight loss.


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