Why is it important to wear a Sports Bra while horse riding? September 09 2019

  • 40% of the 1,324 women riders surveyed said they had experienced breast pain while riding, with the most painful activity being the sitting trot.
  • The study, by the University of Portsmouth and Sparsholt College, found breast pain was the fourth greatest barrier to women riding.
  • The other barriers include not having enough energy, a lack of time and work commitments.
  • Women with a larger chest were found to suffer more, with 21% of the respondents reporting that the pain affected their performance.
  • Sports scientists have discovered in tests that a supporting sports bra prevents ‘bouncing’, and therefore stretching, of the sensitive breast tissue by 74% while a normal bra only compensates by 38%. That’s a huge difference!

Customer review by Lynne: Enell SPORT: High Impact Sports Bra February 03 2019

Enell SPORT Bra Review

  • The ENELL Sports Bra was designed specifically for well-endowed women who require superior support while riding or working out, without compromising on comfort. 
  • The exclusive patented design and construction – a balance of encapsulation and compression – holds breasts securely in place, minimising damaging breast bounce during high impact activities, and the moisture management performance fabric wicks moisture away from the body for maximum comfort during intense workouts.
  • Wide, non-stretch shoulder straps for even distribution of weight reduce shoulder fatigue and discomfort, and the full back with cross strap design provides posture-enhancing back support, added comfort, and a smooth line.