Sports Bra Review For Big Boobs: Enell SPORT

Sports Bra Review For Big Boobs: Enell SPORT

Caroline Peterson aka Enell Race Ambassador
Sports Bra Review For Big Boobsenell sports bra for running

You know those skimpy camisoles with built-in bras?


How about strapless bras?


Going bra-less?

Ha! Better not be next to me if I turn around too quickly, you could be knocked out.

Over the years, I guess I’ve learned to love my big boobs and the hassle that comes with them. They were one giant embarrassment (well, two…) in middle school and high school. I swear, I just woke up one morning and immediately hopped from a training bra to a wired C-cup. In middle school! And they just kept growing. But whatever, I’m rocking them now. I mean, half my schtick is about big boobs, so the world would be a totally less fun place without them.

The path to a perfect sports bra

  • The one area that I did struggle with was in the sports bra department. I look back at some of the flimsy, cotton sports bras I wore and cringe for my poor boobies and the beating they took. I totally understand why some ladies wear TWO sports bras, nothing just seemed supportive enough.
  • I once competed in a triathlon and noticed some girls just ran and biked in their swim suit from the swimming portion. Ha! Hahaha. I remember explaining to the associate at Macy’s that I needed a sports bra that I could wear under my wet suit, that would still function for the biking and running portion of the triathlon.
Poor thing had no idea what to do with my triathlon titties!
  • About 7 years ago, I discovered the Enell Sports Bra. I don’t know if it was because my big breasted sister, Oprah, endorsed it or what, but once I wore an Enell, I never went back. And no, I’m not being paid to endorse Enell. I just want to share the love because I understand the big-boobed struggle.

I lovingly joke that it’s my bullet proof vest because you put it on like a vest and then hook it together on the front. Once “hooked in” your lady twins are standing up so tall that you’re basically a bonafide Fembot.

I love it! I also have the Enell Lite that I wear around the house or during yoga. It’s supportive enough for lighter exercise.

Be honest with your measurements and use the Enell Size Chart and you’ll fall into a size 00-8. I wear a size 3 with Enell. To give you an idea, depending on the brand, I can vary between a 34 or 36 FF or G cup.

When I complain about the hard time I have finding a regular bra because of my cup size, the hubster reminds me that FF and G stands for Freakin’ Fantastic and Gorgeous. He’s pretty swell.

Sure, they are probably more expensive than the flimsy sports bras. But guess what? So are breast lifts! You don’t want to need that surgery because you saved a few bucks on a cheaper sports bra. It’s an exaggeration, sure, but you get my point.

I own 4 and it’s well worth the investment. I honestly can’t imagine running now without it on. Truth be told, it has made a world of difference in any athletic activity I participate in and looking back, that’s a lot. From triathlons, to 5Ks to 10Ks to half-marthons, gym sessions and soccer games thrown in between.

My boobs are happy to have an Enell Sports Bra.

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