Sports Bra Fitting Guide: Is it a good fit?

Sports Bra Fitting Guide: Is it a good fit?

To get the best sports bra fit you need to grab a tape measure...a fabric one not your partners metal one!

Once you've got the bra on check these areas to ensure you've got a good fit:

1. Band

  • 80% of support comes from the band, 20% from the straps
  • Too tight: flesh bulging over top of band; subjective discomfort “feels too tight”
  • Too loose: band lifts when arms are moved above head or rides up the back
  • Your bra band should feel tight and firm, but with enough space to insert two fingers under the back band, and one under the centre front. If your band is too big your straps will end up taking the weight, which will cause them to dig in
  • Ensure the band follows horizontally across your body. So look in the mirror side-on. Is your bra band at the same level all the way round? If it's riding up at the back, you probably need a smaller band size.
  • It even helps to pull the back about an inch lower than the front and that should give you a clean line and take care of “back fat”

2. Cup

  • Baggy or wrinkled cups? Try going down a cup size. Cups overflowing? Try going up a cup size
  • The cup should contain the whole of the breast with no creases in the cup and no cleavage on show

3. Straps

  • Don't let the straps take the strain
  • Too tight: digging in; discomfort; carrying too much of the weight of the breasts
  • Too loose: sliding down off shoulder with no ability to adjust the length
  • Perfect fit: if you lift the straps they should only have a one to two inch give

 4. Hooks

  • Fasten a new bra on the loosest hook i.e number 1 in the picture above
  • As the bra begins to wear you can start moving in
  • When you get to 3 or 4 it’s time for a new one

5. Seesaw tip: if the cup fits well but the band is too loose remember this:

  • Down in a band size = Up in a cup size
  • Up in a band size = Down in a cup size
  • Get the band size right first!

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