REVIEW: Z Sport Bra Silver

REVIEW: Z Sport Bra Silver

We're always on the hunt for good quality, supportive and hopefully not too ugly sports bras for the well endowed among us so I got a little excited over the Z Bra from France - ze bra, get it?

It looks ok and features adjustable straps and a zip up the front but unfortunately for me that's where the fun stops. 

The French site describes it as "having a support level 5 for all sports with a high intensity for all women looking for excellent support or having a large chest." #fail as my F-cups were having a BIG party when I strapped it on.

They also describe it as "chic and sober" - what the heck??? I thought it was just me trying to cut back on the ole vino!

I've only seen two reviews for the Z bra in the UK and they were split so shout out if you've had a chance to try it but it won't making an appearance on - sober or not :) 

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