Need help finding your bra size?

Need help finding your bra size?

Need help finding your bra size?

What's worse than jean shopping? Bra shopping! But it doesn't have to be painful if you follow some simple tips.

But remember:
A measurement doesn’t account for your body shape; breast shapes and where they’re placed on your chest wall; the difference between your breast shapes and sizes; and your height will have an effect on the bra sizes and styles right for you too. But it's a great place to start!

STEP 1 - grab your tape measure

First grab a soft tape measure - if you don't have one you can get creative and use a piece of strong then lay it down on a ruler for example.

When measuring, wear your best fitting bra. Not a sports bra and no pads, as we're trying to get as accurate measurements as possible.

STEP 2 - get your band/rib measurement

measuring your band
Measure around your rib cage, right under your breasts. Keep the tape as straight and parallel to the floor as possible. Measure this tight! You don't need to be straining to pull it tight as a corset, or leaving marks on your skin, or anything like that. But you should measure this much snugger than you would normally measure another part of your body. Write down your rib measurement.

STEP 3 - find your cup size

finding cup size
Measure around your breasts. Measure loosely this time. It might help to lean forward, especially if the bra you are wearing isn't particularly supportive. Write down this measurement.

Now here comes the easy part - answer a few more questions on my online fitting form and I'll take care of the rest for you.

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