Is your sports bra supportive enough?

Is your sports bra supportive enough?

  • A supportive sports bra will reduce and slow down the movement of your breasts, so it is comfortable to exercise.
  • Preventing your breasts “slapping” down against your torso while you are active is most important.
  • How much your breasts move and, in turn, the bra you need might vary during different activities.

Your bra is supportive if you have:

  • NO breast discomfort or pain when you exercise, and
  • NO substantial breast movement when you exercise.
  • No bra, however, should completely stop your breasts moving because to achieve absolutely no motion would require an extremely rigid and/or tight garment that is likely to be too uncomfortable to wear!

Have a chat with Alisa, founder and G cup runner if you need help finding the right size & style.


Video credit: thanks to the University of Wollongong Australia

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