If your Breasts are Different Sizes, How do you fit a Sports Bra? July 20 2019

Different sized Breasts? How do you fit a Sports Bra?

It's really common for women to have breasts of different sizes. Breasts can also fluctuate in size at different times of the month based on our hormone cycles.

TIP #1: It is important that you fit the sports bra to your largest breast.

You can then select certain features to help even out the breast shape and ensure the smaller breast is getting enough support too.

TIP #2: Easily adjustable straps, as you may need one strap to be tighter

BERLEI PRO ELITE SPORTS BRA The straps adjust with Velcro at the front which make it easy to adjust the bra while wearing to achieve a snug fit for each breast.

TIP #3: Contoured or padded cups 

CHAMPION THE SHOW OFF Smooth, moulded cups with concealing petals ensure your modesty and provide maximum support. 

TIP #4: Sports Bras made with a thicker material to help even out the size discrepancy. 

 ENELL Sports A balance of encapsulation and compression – holds breasts securely in place, minimising damaging breast bounce during high impact activities.