If your breasts are different sizes, how do you fit a sports bra?

If your breasts are different sizes, how do you fit a sports bra?

Different sized Breasts? How do you fit a Sports Bra?

It's really common for women to have breasts of different sizes. Breasts can also fluctuate in size at different times of the month based on our hormone cycles.

TIP #1: It is important that you fit the sports bra to your largest breast.

You can then select certain features to help even out the breast shape and ensure the smaller breast is getting enough support too.

TIP #2: Choose a style with easily adjustable straps, as you may need one strap to be tighter

Q-LINN AEROCOOL SPORTS BRA: reducing neck and back irritation: The Cannes Sports Bra uses a clever strap design to stop them slipping from your shoulders

A wide underband, adjustable extra-wide padded straps that don't slide down and no underwire give the Cannes sports bra the strength to support your back and encourage good posture.

TIP #3: Contoured or padded cups 

BERLEITECH SPORTS BRA: Contour cups provide breathability and reduce chafing plus the racer-back design allows for multiple shoulder strap positions so you can have one tighter than the other.

TIP #4: Sports Bras made with a thicker material to help even out the size discrepancy. 

 ENELL Sportswhile this sports bra is not adjustable, the thickness of the fabric will help even out the size difference while still wicking away sweat.

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