Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra Review

Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra Review

Enter the Goddess...soft cup sports bra! I'm loving this bra especially the higher neckline as one of my pet peeves is having my boobs popping over the top of my bra - when you're a G cup you don't need the Pamela Anderson look!

Here are some of the pros & cons of the Goddess Sport Soft Cup Sports Bra:


  1. Great range of band & cup sizes;
  2. Comfortable enough to wear all day and then to the gym for low to medium impact activities;
  3. No wire, it has a wide underband & the elastic is enclosed between the outer fabric and lining which provides good anchorage i.e, doesn't ride up in back during my workout;
  4. High neckline although this is also going on the con list (see below);
  5. Inner lining is a non stretch but breathable fabric; and 
  6. The outer fabric has a nice t-shirt feel to it but still feels really sturdy. And the cut of the bra give a perfect shape, avoiding the two most dreaded looks: pointy boobs and uni-boob.


  1. Let's start with the higher neckline, great when working out but not so much if you want to wear it as an all day bra and you have a low cut neckline - but hey, I have other bras that I can wear instead so not a biggie but thought I'd mention;
  2. Straps - would have been nice to be able to turn into a racerback style but as they do tend to come in a bit (they call it a leotard back) so that  prevents straps sliding off the shoulder as much as possible, without putting pressure on your lower neck. 

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