Review: Freya Active Crop Top Sports Bra Review

Review: Freya Active Crop Top Sports Bra Review

Being the sports bra of choice by the England Netball team I of course just HAD to try one of these bras. I already own the original Freya Active which works fairly well for me, and so this looked to be the next step up in terms of shape, support and appearance. And as I’ve recently starting running several times per week I knew that I would be able to give this bra the perfect workout.

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I generally take size 34HH in Freya, but as this bra stops at an H and my previous Freya sports bra had come up snug in the band, I decided to go for a 36H.

Freya Sports Bra running

After trying it on it became clear that a 34HH would have been a better fit. I felt the need to put the bra straight on the tightest hook to ensure a snug fit. This is not a huge issue right now, but once the bra starts to stretch out the band will become looser and I won’t have any smaller hooks to fasten it on. However, as I would be running in the bra, this was a far tighter fit than I would take in a day to day bra.

The back band of the bra has a whopping FOUR hooks and eyes and the padded straps are semi adjustable. This is due to the fact that halfway up the straps there is the option to make the straps into a crossover.

freya sports bra back strapsfreya sports bra front

I absolutely adore this feature as this gives my bust extra support and also stops that annoying issue of the straps sliding off my shoulders during a run. I did find it a little tricky to do up on my own and that was almost a workout in itself.

I found that the cups were spot on, however, due the the size of my bust, the compression and the cut of the bra I did have a little boobspolosion over the top. I think that a size up would have the same effect AND my bust would have moved around more in the cups. A higher cut would probably be the best solution to prevent this issue, but it didn’t effect the movement of my bust as it was.

I was impressed at the lack of bounce the sports bra provided, along with the rounded nipples free shape – a must in this weather! I have used this bra for several runs and one ’30 Day Shred’, and although I am not the most energetic of people, those two activities are probably the ‘bounciest’ that I will partake in.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this bra. I do believe that it has lived up to the hype and I will be interested to see what others have to say about it. It is similar to the Panache sports bra which also stops at an H and a 40 back, and so I really hope that after the first bout of feedback from their customers Freya will decide increase the cup sizes on this. There are so many H+ and 40+ women who would kill for a moulded sports bra like this one, and Freya would really be doing something special if they are able to engineer products that will cater to these women.

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