Enell Sports Bra Review by Mummy's Weird

Enell Sports Bra Review by Mummy's Weird

Love this review of the Enell Sports Bra by blogger: www.mommysweird.com

This Enell Sports Bra will change you life. Trust me. If you have large breasts, this bra will make baseball, volleyball and watching t.v easier.

If you are new to Mommy’s Weird, you should know that Jillian Michael’s broke my bra.

If you have been hanging around Mommy’s Weird for awhile, you will know that I tried to convince her to buy me a new bra to replace the TWO she broke.

Well technically the one she broke, but I figured she could buy me 2 to replace the one I broke on the treadmill.

I was pretty sure she was losing sleep over it.


Turns out she wasn’t.

Enter Enell...

I explained my big breasted bra breaking problems (aka. BBBBP) to them and they were happy to save the day and my breasts.

Look at this baby.

This bra is serious business…

I gotta be honest, when I was first trying to do up the front clasps I was pretty skeptical. It was kind of tricky to do up. I sort of felt like I should be staring in “50 Shades of Grey”.

At first when I got on the treadmill and started my slow jog, I was getting some bounce. Then I pulled the Enell Sport down a bit then manhandled my breasts upward..


I was in low to no bounce business, baby.


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