Do you tighten your bra strap in an attempt to keep your boobs from bouncing?

Do you tighten your bra strap in an attempt to keep your boobs from bouncing?

This causes much of the weight of the breasts to be borne by the bra shoulder straps and, in turn, causes the bra straps to exert high pressure on your shoulders. This pressure on the shoulders, not only leads to neck and shoulder pain but can also result in the development of deep bra strap furrows aka dents!

Did you know the purpose of shoulder straps is to hold a bra in place, not to provide support to the breasts?

A survey by the Australian Sport Institute, revealed that 59% of women said do not wear a sports bra and one of the biggest reasons why, is because they extremely disliked the shoulder straps of sports bras due to the straps cutting into and/or slipping off their shoulders.

So what's the answer?

A well fitted sports bra - fit is paramount to your sports bra functioning. And do not rely on the shoulder straps to support your breasts - look for a wide band (where the majority of support actually comes from) or a compression style. 

A Racerback style like the Enell Racer could also be beneficial as it ensures the straps stay in place.

Finding bras with wider shoulder straps can help reduce the pressure placed on the shoulder area.

Discard old bras that no longer provide good support due to loss of elasticity.

And finally, you can try Bra Strap Cushions - but do not have the bra straps too tight as the cushions won't prevent what I've talked about.


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