Comfortable Sports Bras Without Underwire That Still Keep You Supported & Lifted

Comfortable Sports Bras Without Underwire That Still Keep You Supported & Lifted

I’ve heard many stories from customers how their sports bra tried to severely injure them when the underwire breaks loose jabbing the girls with every bounce!

Although underwire sports bras have come a long way so have the wire-free versions.

They’re designed with wider straps and supportive cups to reduce the bounce impact to your breasts. Many of these styles offer maximum control, but are also available for low impact activities.

The fabric is also important and technology has come a long way enabling companies to include reinforcing to drastically reduce bounce while wicking away moisture.

Sports bra construction fall into three categories:

Encapsulation sports bras: these bras use individual cups to surround and support each breast separately. There is no compression in these bras (most everyday bras are encapsulation bras) making them generally best for low-impact activities. Encapsulation bras provide a more natural shape than compression bras.

Compression sports bras: these bras compress the breasts against the chest wall to restrict movement. They do not have cups built into the design. 

Compression/encapsulation sports bras: many sports bras combine the above methods into a supportive and comfortable style. These bras offer more support than compression or encapsulation alone, making them generally best for high-impact activities.

Check out our range of wire free sports bras from low to high impact.

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