Can Sports Bras be Used for Everyday Wear?

Can Sports Bras be Used for Everyday Wear?

Is your everyday bra comfortable? Or are you counting down to when you can get home and take it off?

Historically sports bras were only considered for those hot sweaty workouts or sports sessions. But with activewear becoming everyday wear for many women, we're now choosing comfort over lace and making the sports bra our everyday friend.

Enell LITE sports bra - for everyday wear

Sports bras are not designed to be sexy. Hence are no competition for a black lacy number on a romantic night. But when we think of the practicalities of looking after our breasts. On a day to day basis sports bras can be a great alternative.

"The first time I pulled on a favourite top over a wide-strapped, slightly compressive active bra, I was indignant with myself for not coming up with this life hack sooner. For once, my shirt beautifully skimmed over my bust. It didn’t stretch or twist in an unflattering way. The outline of my undergarment wasn’t totally obvious. I didn’t need to adjust a band or a strap for the entire day, nor did any body part ache or become irritated.

From that point, I became a sports bra devotee. I love the look and feel of a sports bra under a casual dress. A tank top. A blouse. A formal dress. I bought more to complement various strap configurations and necklines. I became comfortable with this solution: My boobs and I had reached an understanding."

After losing 68 kg, Melissa found the Enell Lite to be the perfect bra for everyday wear while maintaining an active lifestyle.

"This is another fantastic bra by Enell. The original Enell High Impact Sports bra is excellent for higher energy exercise but this Enell LITE bra is perfect for lower to moderate impact activities.I also really like this as an every day, all day bra for those who want great support and comfort. The fabric is much softer and more flexible than the original Enell, and the front and back are cut a little lower. Both bras are seamed, but the seams on the LITE bra soften and flatten after just a couple of wears so you can wear it under almost all of your shirts. It has almost a matte finish instead of the shiny finish of the original. The sizing is very accurate so take your measurements and order according to the size chart listed above.

Regardless of whether you buy this as a sports bra or an everyday bra, you will love this bra! I highly recommend it."

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