Best Sports Bras for Cycling

Best Sports Bras for Cycling

The right sports bra can make all the difference to a comfortable ride and good performance.

As a G cup road cyclist I love wearing my Enell LITE sports bra as the fabric is soft, breatheable but still provides comfort and support. However, the times I've gone off road cycling, I don't muck around and strap the girls in with the Enell SPORT, a high impact sports bra.

So my first tip is, think about the level of support you need, how long you'll be on the bike for and of course, us ladies with more up top might have to grab something with firmer support.

Next, measure yourself!
Over time our body changes and breast size fluctuate so remember to always get measured every time you're about to invest in a sports bra.

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What style of sports bra do you preferred?
Do you prefer no underwire?  Padding? Racerback? Back or front closure? Compared to running our arm position is different ie gripping the handlebars, so often lower armholes work better. Ditto with fabric, I love the Enell LITE and the Freya Dynamic sports bras as the fabric is soft and moisture wicking.

Bands and Straps
The band is responsible for 80% to 90% of the support of the bra. It should fit comfortably around your torso, parallel to the floor. The band should be snug but you should be able to slide two fingers between the band and your skin. The band should never ride up toward your shoulders.

Straps are responsible for only 10% to 20% of the bra support, their primary function is to even or level the bra. They should stay in place without digging into your shoulders.

The racer back style of strap is becoming increasingly popular and does allow for a good range of motion. If you’re in the saddle for hours at a time, the pressure of having a clip behind your neck to create the racer back style can cause both shoulder and neck pain. This is fine if you’re out on a short ride, but if you’re tackling a century and are in the saddle for hours, it might be best to opt for the traditional scoop style straps or the Enell Racerback:

Women with larger busts should look for wider bands that help distribute the weight better and provide more comfortable support like the Enell SPORT:

Or the Royce Aerocool High Impact Sports Bra:


Hope that helps and if you have any questions you can get hold of me here

Happy cycling :D

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