Best Sports Bra for Golf

Best Sports Bra for Golf

What is the best sports bra for golf?

The ENELL LITE sport bra is ideal for golf. It's made from high-performance, breathable microfibre that transports moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable. The flat, seamless cups provide firm support for the bust – even in larger sizes – and moulds to the body's contours so that it doesn't interfere with your swing.

Are you guilty of wearing your normal every day bra? Golf, after all, is a sport, and like any form of exercise can cause damage to the fatty tissue that makes up the breast. Because of this, once it's damaged or stretched, exercise cannot help the breast to regain its original firmness and condition.

Sports scientist, Dr Joanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth, discovered that a supporting sports bra will prevent 'bouncing' and therefore stretching of the sensitive breast tissue by 74% compared to just 38% from a normal bra.

3 Tips When Buying a Bra for Golf:

  1. If the bra is more compression style, that’s a good thing as it helps in your swing and comfort. You want to be hitting the ball, not your boobs each time you swing!

  2. Some sports bras are cut lower at the underarm which helps prevent rubbing and rashes.

  3. Look at the back design of your sports bra. A criss cross pattern works well as it provides extra back support. And check how close the straps are to your neck. If they're too close, the strap might pull on your neck making it very uncomfortable after a few holes!

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