Are you a curvy equestrian?

Are you a curvy equestrian?

We're loving the review by photographer and equestrian, Becky Swallow who wears a 36JJ in the Royce Aerocool sports bra - perfect for high impact activities like horse riding. She knows the importance of finding a great fitting bra.

equestrian Becky Swallow in the Royce Aerocool sports bra

“Bigger boobs mean more weight, so you want the majority of the support to be around the band rather than through the shoulders,” she says. “As a woman with a larger chest, having a supportive bra is an absolute essential! Without proper support, even the most simple of daily tasks can be really uncomfortable, like going down the stairs a little too quickly (bounce bounce bounce 🙈).”

“So when it comes to choosing the right bra, the Royce Aerocool wirefree, high impact sports bra wins every time! Aerocool is an innovative new sports bra designed for G-K cup sizes to provide exceptional support for larger cup sizes!”


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