Best Sports Bra for Yoga When You Have a Big Bust

Best Sports Bra for Yoga When You Have a Big Bust

Need a Sports Bra for Yoga When You Have Big Boobs?

I started learning yoga about 8 years ago, thanks to the patience of my gorgeous teacher Ush who never laughed when my Tree pose was more like a falling tree! And my Bridge pose would often collapse!

Before Enell I was constantly worried about how much boobage I’d be showing. And now? Crisis averted! Even in Down Dog or other boobalicious poses. Hooray!

Being a G cup girl, my poses weren’t the only things that needed adjusting. I found my high impact sports bras that worked well for running and boxing didn’t give me the flexibility and movement that Yoga requires.

Enter the Enell LITE - the perfect sports bra for low to medium impact activities such as Yoga.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love wearing the Enell LITE for Yoga:

  1. First the obvious, I have a big bust and it needs supporting no matter what activity I’m doing!

  2. The Enell LITE is made of a soft fabric that moves with you AND supports - try doing a shoulder stand with a set of G cups!

  3. Wide straps reduce shoulder fatigue - important when you are doing 60mins+ of Yoga.

  4. I love the back of the Enell LITE. It has these built in cross-straps that help enhance posture and seriously help me keep my yoga “posture”.

  5. 80% of support comes from a sports bras band so the Enell LITE's wide band provides a secure fit that also moves with your body - I know I’ve mention this 'whole move with the body thing' before, but oh so important for Yoga.

And, finally, one pro tip that is indispensable. When you try on a sports bra for yoga, be sure to come into a forward bend. If you fall out doing that simple move, this is not the bra for you.

I stock a range of low to medium sports bras so if the Enell LITE isn’t your style check out the Low-Medium Impact Collection.

namaste xox


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